Do I Need Relationship Help?

Have you ever asked yourself or anybody else about requiring any type of relationship help?

Hasn’t it been normal to see the response invariably being positive?

Frankly, there’s not a single relationship that is perfection defined and no two individuals are such.

Every human is composed of his or her own unique set of skills and qualities that is contributed towards the relationship, both good and bad.

Humans are ideally products of their upbringing and nurturing.

So if you have seen your parents having a great relationship or practicing behavior worth appreciating like respectful attitude, giving a listening ear to each other or not arguing about every possible thing on earth, it’s imperative you have followed such behaviors and from a very young life learnt how to have a meaningful relationship.

Amazing as it may sound but your parents passed on to you some of the best tools that form a loving and successful relationship without consciously teaching you the same.

On the reverse, if your parents displayed a bad relationship or indulged in activities like devaluing each other, ignoring each other’s presence or words and constantly fighting for no reason; it’s evident you got a different set of tools.

Now here if you ask ‘Do I need relationship help?’, then it’s definitely understandable.

In case you don’t have to ask yourself this question, then it’s actually a very positive step.

It simply means you are ready to work and improve on yourself and prove to be a worthy partner in your relationship.

Simply put, you and your significant other staying on the same page imply togetherness in growth and no one stays behind the other.

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So how do you look for the information to improve your relationship? Here are some possible places:

1) Self-help books

Self Help Books
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This is a great resource to get insight about improving a relationship.

There are a couple of great books on Amazon that can actually help you out in your relationship.

Of course you do not get any feedback from these books, so a little bit of trial and error works fine when it comes to your relationship and determining what does and what doesn’t work.

2) Counseling

Women counseling
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A third party member when present can offer great advice when problems escalate to great heights and seem almost impossible to be resolved via one’s own effort.

Here, there’s scope for good feedback and in bulk, so better be prepared.

3) Parents

Old Couple
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The rich storehouse of information that they are will help you know how they managed to stay married since it occurred.

Now people’s mindsets usually vary on the basis of situations. So the best thing would be to act oneself and not like others.

You don’t need to be very specific but walk in a general way when involving your parents, for they usually worry a lot about you.

4) Your significant other

Beautiful Couple
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No one is better than talking about ‘YOUR’ relationship!

You might feel this is a no-brainer but it’s a surprise that people consider their partners as their enemies and not allies, especially when things have hit an ugly patch.

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So if you really wish to seek answer for ‘Do I need relationship help?’, try and act open about every suggestion or recommendation provided to you so as to help work out your relationship.

It’s surely worth the effort.


Simon is extremely passionate about helping couples succeed in their relationships and strongly believes that healthy relationships breeds better society. So he created this blog to pursue his passion.

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