How to Get Over Someone you Love and Stay Sane

As much as love has never been easy, so has breaking up and moving on.

Every individual is different and accomplishing the same within a specified time period never works in the same way for all.

No matter how many times your friend tried telling you should be ‘over it’, make it a point to take your own time.

Once someone claimed to have used a formula -number of months spent in togetherness would act as a potent determiner in understanding how many weeks would be spent in moving on – to make someone understand the possible time taken in going ahead.

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Since we deal with things just as we fashion it to be, no set formula can be set here.

It’s pointless to keep trying and make a rough calculation to what extent and length the heart has been broken.

Well, signs of improvement might be noticeable in the first month itself.

Even then, it doesn’t happen that you are totally over it; it might be a better phase than earlier or just seeing some light at the end of a tunnel.

But if nothing is visible after few months, then a therapist might be consulted who can help recover or find the route towards happiness.

It has to be understood that all love isn’t the same and neither are people.

Having one objective human who can lend a patient ear and advise on the next courses of action might prove wonders.

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It might sound a little weird but better to accept a stranger at this junction instead of the old friends.

Just because you are trying to come out of your broken past and mend, it’s no point keeping your life on hold.

That doesn’t imply dating is mandatory at this phase, but why not have some fun?

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Besides if you feel you can go ahead and date, be careful that a rebound situation doesn’t occur.

That’s quite likely and surely you wouldn’t like to hurt yourself or someone else.

At the same time, you might think you aren’t ready yet, so get about engaging yourself in positive activities.

Try and steer clear of negatives and destructive tasks like hogging yourself with food or drinking beyond limits and so on.

Learn to draw a restrain to activities that can pose hindrance to you moving forward in life (even baby steps that is).

Also, try getting rid of your ex and reminders connected to him or her.

This includes taking away snaps off the wall or throwing away those gifts and collectibles that you both have been associated with.

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Instead break the old habits and repaint the living room or introduce fine changes to the existing furniture.

These might be examples, but you can do your own things to create a fresh persona of yourself and away from hurtful memories of bygone days.

It’s basically a matter of time that you learn to get over that special someone you once loved.

The idea is to create a sense of ease and a little busy.

So live life on your own terms and to the fullest.  Keep positives around you to uplift yourself and move ahead.

There’s no rush to set a time limit for you to heal.

Love will surely find a way if you stay open to it.


Simon is extremely passionate about helping couples succeed in their relationships and strongly believes that healthy relationships breeds better society. So he created this blog to pursue his passion.

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