How to Achieve Commitment in a Relationship

Ever felt strange looking at a couple who looked head over heels in love and wondered how they stayed committed to each other when everything around crumbles down in no time?

Didn’t you wonder how can such level of understanding and commitment even happen in relationships?

Frankly, the initial days of dating are fun and focuses on sexual attraction or maybe some shared hobbies, passions and interests.

It is only after a point of time when the couple has stayed together through the thick and thin that commitment comes in and they become a little more responsible towards each other.

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After experiencing the good and bad, then people feel the bond is meant to last a lifetime.

Simply put, relationships aren’t easy and anyone who said otherwise has lied.

The most compatible couples will also agree that they have had their share of rough patches at different times.

To say that a ‘perfect’ relationship exists 100% of the time stands totally wrong, for men and women have their own ways of dealing with problems and they can never agree on something ‘absolutely’.

Aside these sexual differences, cultural and social aspects too affect relationships.

The ‘new relationship’ period is the best time and that eventually starts passing off after one has dated for a year or a little more.

So sex is awesome and one feels like spending more time together, little realizing these will soon fade.

After a point of time, lovers become habituated to each other.

So they may even think of taking the other one for granted. Few things that seemed adorable at the start can later become a little annoying, which is natural.

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The flavor of sex is however not lost completely, excepting for the ‘fireworks’ that happened when both were isolated from the world and felt like hitting the bed right away!

These are moments when the couple realizes the honeymoon period has got over.

Thus begins the testing time of a relationship.

Once the honeymoon period is over, the next comes a zone characterized by frequent arguments and fights.

The battle of the sexes peak and no one is ready to admit to being wrong, forget about submitting.

It is at this time that proper communication skills come in handy.

And no, these are far away from the ones taught in academic institutes or by parents.

Skills required to maintain a relationship are much needed in life, especially if the relationship needs to survive through the odds.

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The moment you realize you can communicate effectively with your partner without the fear of losing him or her, then the difficult stage is crossed.

Realizing that this phase is over, you can very well make sense of the fact that you both are now committed to each other.

After all, you have lived through both the ‘highs’ (honeymoon phase) and the ‘lows’ (fighting phase) and actually came out of it successful!

So you are much stronger as a person and so is your relationship.

You both know each other intimately and also accepted differences that are bound to occur in the relationship.

Taking a person as he or she is indeed praiseworthy for you have compromised on many things that perhaps you don’t agree on, but simply gave in for the sake of your partner and the relationship.

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It is only after you reach this ‘committed’ stage that you figure out how your relationship can last a lifetime.

You have loved someone and stayed committed so it’s obvious you can take in many things and yet not give up on each other.


Simon is extremely passionate about helping couples succeed in their relationships and strongly believes that healthy relationships breeds better society. So he created this blog to pursue his passion.

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