How to be a Better Girlfriend?

Have you recently thought why your relationship is not having a smooth sail?

Then it’s possibly time you need to work on becoming a better girlfriend.

And this can only be accomplished if you know yourself inside out and stay confident about the same.

Unlike common notions held by most, loving oneself is actually the first priority if you wish to extend heartfelt feelings for your loved one.

Being an equal in a committed relationship is no big deal. However, this might help if you feel there’s a genuine need to pull up your socks and work on your relationship.

Here’s how you can proceed.

In order to be a better girlfriend, the first thing to remember is to walk in someone else’s shoes.

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In other words, treating your guy the way you would like to be treated is of utmost importance.

As much as you shouldn’t take him for granted, you must not allow yourself to play the doormat either. For example, if you both are live-in partners, there must be proper labor division.

So if you take the charge of cleaning and dusting, he must also feel the need to do grocery shopping; though these aren’t exclusive.

At the same time, few chores need to be done together like dishes or laundry.

To presume that some tasks are meant to be done for fitting in gender stereotypes is wrong, so make sure he’s not the only one who’s taking out garbage or working on leaky sinks.

Another vital aspect that we tend to overlook is communication issues, which often result in relationships going sour after a certain point of time.

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Try talking to him on what is actually bothering him.

Perhaps he might not open in the first instance, especially if your guy is reserved or tends to push off discussions.

But coax him and he might talk, so listen to what he does and also what he doesn’t.

He might also feel a little under-appreciated so shower some attention if needed! Or better still, give some space. Tell him to have a boys’ night out.

Not only will he appreciate your thoughts but feel glad you consider him as an individual who has an identity apart from being your boyfriend and his needs are equally considered.

In no time, your relationship will land on equal footing.

So what if you do not take much of an interest in vehicles, sports, sci-fi or action movies?

If these are important to your guy, you can always raise a couple of questions that would display your curiosity about his interests.

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Then you can move on with your own business.

But if you suddenly develop an interest in any of these, then try learning from him for it’s quite likely it had been a hidden interest and just came to the open now.

Any relationship can survive and battle through the odds if there’s mutual love, respect and trust.

If you happen to find that trust issues have cropped up, it’s wise to talk and resolve matters rather than allowing your bonding to die a slow death, without taking initiative of the same.

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Reality said, it’s your baggage if you act envious simply because he wished to have some time out with his guy-friends.

So work on yourself and unload unnecessary baggage to prevent issues stemming in your relationship.

For a successful relationship, there must be a balance of fun and serious talk, without making everything too cumbersome and time-consuming.

So follow the above-mentioned tips if you wish to become a better girlfriend and feel appreciated.


Simon is extremely passionate about helping couples succeed in their relationships and strongly believes that healthy relationships breeds better society. So he created this blog to pursue his passion.

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