How to be a Challenge to your Girlfriend

Very often boredom sets in our relationships.

These are just normal phases wherein you need to play a little creative instead of posing challenges for your girlfriend, thinking that the relationship has hit rock bottom and this is the best way to save it.

So you become less available or not adjust to everything she wants her way, just to see if she still retains feelings for you.

However, a lot depends on the type of girl you have.

Leaving aside all these, it makes sense to liven up the relationship by being the one you were when you started out with her.

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So sit down and ask yourself the following question:

  • So how were things when you both fell for each other?
  • What did you do to woo her, like gifting her flowers or taking her out for dinner dates?
  • Or you belonged to the old school lover who gave those cute love notes?
  • Were you observant about every little thing of hers and complimented on the same?

It’s just that we get accustomed to being with each other after a point, which eventually puts a stop to activities we indulged in together.

Not that it’s deliberate but this just happens with time. And that’s what we say is taking someone for granted.

Whether in awareness or not, if you have fallen under this trap it’s never too late to fix it.

How about doing specifically likeable things that you did earlier but do not anymore?

These one or two things actually help your girl to reminisce the good old times and she can relate to you as the same guy who she fell in love with.

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In fact, these little acts revive the lost flavor and spark back to the relationship, sans the unnecessary mind games of figuring out how your girlfriend can consider you to be a challenge.

We have a tendency to fit in to some roles while dating, which is exactly why most guys play hard to get when they see their girls behaving the same with them.

Reality said, it is never a healthy way to approach or take a relationship to the next level. Imagine giving your girl a cold shoulder or simply attempting to do the same.

You really feel she won’t get a hint of it or choose to take a decision to move away?

This backing off doesn’t help at all. So the wisest thing is to be the person who you were at the beginning.

There’s a reason why your girl loved you and if she’s cooled off recently, it’s certainly because you tried to act as someone she no longer identifies with.

As much as you don’t need to make an attempt to becoming the one you were at one time, ensure you act balanced.

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In other words, smothering is common when caring about someone.

But restrain yourself and don’t walk an extra mile unnecessarily.

Your girl might be very nice and accommodating, but too much of attention only inhibits the breathing space that’s equally required for a relationship to survive.

There’s no doubt you start feeling scared if the person you loved suddenly starts pulling back or acts cold towards you.

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Acting maturely instead of relying on weird mind games about thinking to be a challenge for your girlfriend only makes matters worse.

So, react in the right way.

And perhaps things might return to normalcy if you analyze where you changed and thereby work towards being the same adorable person at the start.


Simon is extremely passionate about helping couples succeed in their relationships and strongly believes that healthy relationships breeds better society. So he created this blog to pursue his passion.

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