How To Get Over A Breakup – Without Killing Yourself

It’s gradual yet effective… only if you realize that getting over a breakup means starting on a path one day after the other.

No need to make any drastic changes or act stupid. Simply focus on how you feel and what can help you get that human touch back.

Of course having and dealing with a breakup isn’t easy and leaves you totally detached from the rest of the world, not to forget the mind from the body.

Imagine tackling this sort of a blow by someone who had once made you feel on top of the world professing his love for you.

Heartbroken young man
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You actually thought it carried meaning and it’s no doubt difficult to accept that they weren’t very honest about their feelings.

What they meant and whether they meant it or not, you will not get to know.

So just believe they loved you at some point in their lives.

This belief will help you keep that self-esteem intact and positive and make it hassle-free in overcoming the disturbance, thereby moving on in life.

There’s sadness, anger and frustration. Don’t ignore how you are feeling. You actually need to give yourself the time to wallow these feelings.

But then, do not make the mistake of taking in these for far too long. Try picking up those pieces at the earliest.

Changes have occurred and too soon.

But you must figure out how to live your single self again. Frankly speaking, the sooner you do this, it will only make things easier for you.

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So where and when do you exactly begin learning the art of getting over the breakup?

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As stressed earlier, go a little further and retrospect on the old times, but within a limited time. Go out and indulge in something that would make you feel alive and fresh.

For example, try shopping for a new garment or decking up the house, heading to the spa for a relaxing manicure or pedicure session or simply spending some time volunteering at a daycare center.

Just do anything to feel out of the world.

Under no circumstances should you contact your ex.

This simply increases the hurt, anger and agony manifold.

In fact, it prohibits your way of dealing with all such negative feelings in an effective way.

Bars and clubs are also a strict no-no. Excess alcohol will only keep your feelings at bay and cause them to reappear.

When drunk, you might feel like doing or saying something to get back to your ex.

Drunk Frustrated Heartbroken man
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And the result?

You just make a fool of yourself and it’s not desired.

Remember when I said do not act stupid?

A bad situation turns worse when alcohol is added to it, so avoid.

Instead turn the entire focus on improving YOURSELF.

Seek for an appointment with your stylist and go for a new hairdo or some treatment or tone down your muscles by joining the gym and get back in shape.

These will make you feel good about yourself and the feeling will be boosted by several notches if you try.

You will eventually see yourself smiling and having fun.

In no time, you will be proud of the fact you learnt how to deal with a breakup and emerge stronger than before.


Simon is extremely passionate about helping couples succeed in their relationships and strongly believes that healthy relationships breeds better society. So he created this blog to pursue his passion.

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