I Lost Love – How Do I Move On

Lost the love of your love and don’t know how to move on?

I’m really sorry to know about your pain.

Of course it’s difficult to restructure your life and get new things to regain happiness.

But let me tell you this that no matter how tough the going gets, it isn’t impossible. There’s every possibility to be happy again and even find love.

Even if it seems hard to achieve, but it can happen if you allow it to happen.

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I knew a girl who was happily married. Out of nowhere, her husband asked for a divorce and that to with no warning.

I’m sure she has no idea till this day as to why.

She was naturally shattered.

The outgoing and happy person that she was known for reduced to a withdrawn and reserved one, and to an extent, ‘socially awkward’.

It’s really shameful, but without sounding a little too harsh, the fault was in her.

Having said that, I don’t mean the divorce was shameful.

Her ex was truly a jerk, but whether she recovered (or failed to), that’s what she’s responsible for.

While she should have worked her way up to ease the pain and dealt strongly, she kept it deep within her.

Naturally, she never got over it or permitted herself to be open enough.

It’s been years I haven’t seen her, but I can only hope she’s found a way to tackle the pain, move on and rediscover love.

Never do that to yourself. In case you have lost someone you love, deal with the pain upfront.

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For extra help or guidance, a therapist is always to provide all that’s needed.

Most people are a tad uncomfortable to seek for help but in the long run, it’s helpful, especially if you know you’ll be unable to deal with the discomfort, stress, hurt, humiliation and all by yourself.

As much as you are learning to survive without your ex, ensure you are actually living.

Yes, force is required but then, you have to get back to face the world and live.

Not that everyone expects you to enjoy yourself or have a gala time (don’t be amazed if you see now and then bouts of happiness is sneaking up), but it’s simply not possible for you to hide somewhere expecting your pain will dissipate.

If you act such, the pain won’t go away simply because you are not doing anything to take off your mind from it.

By just sitting and dwelling on the hurt and agony day in and day out will only make matters worse.

It will ultimately become your life, if you are not careful.

A lot depends on where you are present in the ‘recovery cycle’ that can lead you to hold off on the dating bit.

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After all, it’s unfair to anybody who you might meet if you feel you haven’t really moved from your ex.

You might lead them without attaching too much meaning and importance into it just because you wish to feel something once again.

Take some time off to heal totally prior to dating.

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Try spending quality time indulging in things that offer you happiness or being and interacting with those you are close to.

For all of you who cribs saying ‘I lost my love, what now?’, follow this advice that someday you will surely move on and find love, once again.

You might still have some feelings for your ex, but that no way indicates you can’t find anybody who wouldn’t love you that much… only if you allow it.


Simon is extremely passionate about helping couples succeed in their relationships and strongly believes that healthy relationships breeds better society. So he created this blog to pursue his passion.

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