I Need Love Help

Do you know what I do when in need of love help?

I choose to think of the person I love and make a list of all the reasons what makes me be in love.

All kinds of things that provides me with passion, joy and romance surface then, and these are just a few.

Besides, I also think of my doings that would help them to stay happy.

There’s nothing better than seeing someone smile all because of you.

And if that person happens to be the love of your life, then it just makes the feeling better.

Love is indeed a fantastic emotion.

When in love with your special one, there’s nothing that you won’t be able to do for him or her.

It’s like you’re on Cloud 9 and no matter what they do, you don’t find anything wrong in them.

Expressing love can occur in multiple forms- love letters, greeting cards, flowers, gifts, candlelit dinner dates under the stars; there can be no dearth of choices here.

Man gifting flowers to girlfriend
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If you ask me, I would opt for a candlelit dinner.

For me, squeezing out time and preparing a delectable spread, followed by presenting it in the best setting possible speaks volumes about what you have undergone to make it special for that person.

Above everything else, it makes him or her feel wanted and loved.

If I require love help, I prefer doing a little planning.

I search for a recipe for something I know they would take a liking to and team it with good wine.

I set the table in a perfect way with a good table cloth, some napkins and candles as centerpieces. F

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ine China is what I opt for when serving meal and ensure that a soft, soothing, romantic piece of music plays at the background.

It’s like just the two of us exists in this world. Nice!

Of course I like writing love letters, poems and short lines or messages.

Frankly speaking, love letter writing is a decaying art.

In fact, letter writing in general is slowly disappearing after cell phones and internet have made their way via texts, emails, pings and so on.

It’s indeed a matter of shame that first feelings of love that one tends to experience die a slow death, thanks to life getting in the way.

Now when I think of all this, I guess the first feelings get replaced with many more, like satisfaction, security, understanding and so on.

Couple in love
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It might sound a little boring for few when we talk of contentment in relationships but it actually happens, only if you are with the right one.

All these indicate you are comfortable.

There’s no need to impress the other person or make repeated attempts in winning them over.

Since you have already and even they have accepted you for whatever and however you are, without conditions, there’s nothing more that you can ask for.

This should be a good test if in a relationship.

If you both manage to sit in the same room in perfect silence without conversing with each other for more than 10 minutes and not feeling very weird about it, it clearly denotes your contentment in the relationship and there’s nothing wrong with it.

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So if you too need love help like I do, it’s better to try out suggestions like these and you will actually be happy executing the same.


Simon is extremely passionate about helping couples succeed in their relationships and strongly believes that healthy relationships breeds better society. So he created this blog to pursue his passion.

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