Ideal Relationship – Flexibility Is Your Silver Bullet

The other day few friends and I were having a conversation on what we must consider as a true and ideal relationship.

Since all of us are different and take a liking to different things in relationships, but we found that there will be few things that demand agreement on basics.

As regards the rest, we might not agree since few of us can be a little more free-spirited than the others, but basics tend to remain the same.

If you wish to discover the perfect relationship, it’s vital you understand which things you can (and must) act a little flexible on alongside things that you must not settle for under any circumstance.

The moment you get that foundation, it will be easier for you to hold out till you land upon someone who isn’t perfect in total, but totally perfect for you!

Here’s taking a look at few basic traits that most people are likely to consider when thinking of having a great relationship.

Now if one or more of these traits go amiss, you might want to keep finding that special someone.

1) Honesty

So if you are skeptical trusting the person you are with, then your life is not likely to be an easy or fulfilling one. What fun lies in being in a relationship with someone you can’t trust?

Honest and happy couple
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Imagine situations where both of you can’t trust the other partner with bigger things, like faithfulness and caring for the money bit or even smaller things.

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Both of you need to have really high standards, at least when it comes to acting honest with each other.

2) Maturity

With age comes maturity.

So as you get close to that age, you might choose to settle down, opt for a family and so on.

This is the trait that’s required the most then.

Life will always be replete with ups and downs and it’s nothing wrong to expect someone to be beside you who will not disappear or break into pieces every time the going gets tough.

You surely deserve someone who will act funny (maturity has no connection with old age or ‘stodgy’ nature but simply free to act silly and when to make a return to serious business), but still keep you in mind when you are in dire need of them.

This is a very important trait when moving through tough times and still maintaining solid communication.

3) Good communication skills

Couple communicating excellently well
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No relationship can survive if both of you can’t deal or talk about difficult times and issues (the longer you will spend time with each other, more difficult times lie ahead), there will be no end to problems and you won’t find the road to be a smooth one.

It’s important you both know how to express exactly what you are feeling in a constructive manner and lend a listening ear objectively as much as possible to what your partner has to say, regardless of whether you wish to hear or not.

The definition of what constitutes an ideal relationship varies from one person to the other.

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While some get drawn to people with a great sense of humor, others may prefer the serious ones.

But the main aspect is you wish to be with someone who has all the above-mentioned traits for without them, a proper relationship cannot occur.


Simon is extremely passionate about helping couples succeed in their relationships and strongly believes that healthy relationships breeds better society. So he created this blog to pursue his passion.

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