Is Dating Married Women A Good Idea? – Learn How to Duck

According to recent studies as much as 15% of married women had an affair at some time during their married life.

This roughly translates to around 4.5 million women in the United States alone.

The significance this piece of statistics has for men is that men have a real chance of dating married women at one point in time or another.

With such high chances it may seem tempting to young men or even old however be careful what you wish for.

Here are few tips and pointers to give you a clearer picture of the scenario before you take the plunge.

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Many married women have said that they take to having an affair because they are mostly not satisfied with what their husbands have to offer in bed.

Sexual dissatisfaction is one of the major reasons for married women having affairs and many men perch themselves in public places like vultures and take advantage of such situations.

Since a married woman is full of unquenched pleasures, most often men find them better prospects for a sexual experience.

A great many sinful nights of passion is preferred to any sort of real emotional attachment by the majority of men.

If you are not into that sort of immoral pleasure hunting then you need ways to duck any such proposals.

There is no direct means to avoid it as you can rarely tell if someone is married nowadays.

Married women looking for an affair generally take their wedding rings off before the approach a man or go to a party just to give the impression that they are single.

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Do not fall for such juvenile tricks.

If you do not approve then ask directly before going into a relationship.

She can lie, but you can’t be blamed.

Such women tend to be discreet about their married life and will not give you direct answer if you ask them about the current situation of their marriage.

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They say that their divorce is being finalized, or it is being heard at court, or the papers have been lost, and so on and so forth.

Sniff out such confusing statements or indirect answers and avoid them at all costs.

You don’t want to be in trouble for just a one night escapade.

We do not mean to scare you but you should know that many murders are a result of love triangles.

Why risk your life for a night’s pleasure?

Before you venture into the dark without a torch let me shine some light on the path ahead.

While the husband finding out is always a risk, what is riskier is if the woman herself confesses to her husband about her affairs.

You should know that in most cases it is the poor man the wife was having an affair with who feels the wrath of a cheated husband more than the cheating wife.

Another aspect you should consider before dating a married woman is your own motivation.

Ask yourself what motivation you have to go ahead with such a relationship or what you stand to gain or lose if go ahead with it.

Are you really attracted to her?

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Is there a mutual feeling of attraction?

Are you doing it just for the thrill of it? Are you in control?

These are some questions you need to ask yourself before you consider dating married women.

Also remember that it is against all religious standard to date a woman whom God has joined together with another man.  

It is considered an adultery on the part of the woman.


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