Is It Love or Infatuation?

Love and infatuation are like the twin sisters you can’t tell apart. They act, talk, move and lie the same way.

It takes an eagle eyed observer to tell one from the other but again mistaking one for the other is only a matter of time.

For thousands of years men and women have asked themselves, “Am I in love?” or “Is it just infatuation?” and for thousands of years the answers eluded them until it was too late.

One of the main reasons is that love and infatuation both give away almost identical signals and it can be very confusing especially for young people who are affected by their hormones more than they are affected by an international catastrophe.

Couple Loving Up
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Let’s start of by talking about the most common and simple form of infatuation or love, that is affection.

A mother shows affection for her child not from infatuation but from a sense of love.

On the other hand a school boy shows affection for his classmate mostly out of infatuation.

Affection is a strong sense of attraction you feel towards another person.

If you are attracted to the person’s body, or their looks, the size of their wallet/purse or their extracurricular activities then rest assured you are infatuated with said person.

An attraction from a sense of love will tend to ignore a person’s physical aspect or his lifestyle and take into account the true self of the person and his/her thoughts or views on life and things in general.

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Teenagers are quite aware, hopefully, of the term love sick.

It is a condition where your apparent love, rather attraction, for a person does not let you carry out your daily tasks properly.

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You may not feel like eating, studying, working or doing anything at all for that matter and you wait for your phone to ring or light up with a message from the special one.

Your heart sinks on not getting a call or text from him/her and you lose interest in yourself.

These are certain signs of infatuation.

There comes a stage when you think a great deal of the person you like and you are charmed by everything they do or say.

You let go off your own beliefs or opinions, however hardcore they might have been, just so that you can accommodate his/her different views.

You relax your own manners just because she doesn’t follow dinner table etiquettes.

Such actions are not in line with the person you truly are and can be seen as your subconscious efforts to please the person you have taken a liking towards.

Couple Showing Affection_by_the_riverside
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Love on the other hand neither discriminates nor blindly follows as it is a more profound form of attraction governed not by the laws of nature but by the mysterious workings of the mind and heart in tandem.

It is in this state of perfect harmony do we find a person worthy of our love and whom we can love unconditionally.

Love can speak volumes in complete silences whereas infatuation usually raises its voice to be heard.

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Being in love does not necessitate the two persons to be always with one another.

On the contrary if two people, far away from each other, can find it in themselves to care and love one another then it is a sign of love.


Simon is extremely passionate about helping couples succeed in their relationships and strongly believes that healthy relationships breeds better society. So he created this blog to pursue his passion.

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