Love Letters to Write To Your Boyfriend – Romance from Your Heart

In this modern time of rapidly advancing technology, love letters have become increasingly rare, if not obsolete.

The charm of a hand written letter proclaiming one’s love and longing for another seems to be lost on the romantics of Gen Y.

Nonetheless if you are looking forward to slipping a love note into your boyfriend’s bag in between class or be it a heartfelt letter to your long time partner, there are no short of resources on the internet to help you write the perfect letter.

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However, the best love letters need to come from the heart and not from other love letters and certainly not from Google.

Only you can best express how you feel for another and why it is important to you.

Getting writing tips from Google is one thing, but blatantly copying whatever is out there won’t result in a convincing letter.

Instead write yourself from your heart. At least the guy will know what you truly feel like.

Take a deep breath, lay back and contemplate for a while why you love him and how he is important to you.

Take a pen and paper and quickly note down whatever comes to mind.

You can always copy your thoughts properly and in an orderly fashion later.

Just make sure to write down everything that comes to mind.

Next sit down and edit it.

A good advice would be to keep a cool head and not get carried away in the moment.

Remember you are writing this letter to your boyfriend and it is on him that you or rather your love letter should focus.

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Do not go rambling about yourself and how much you love him.

Keep it interesting for him, add realistic details, and try to complement him and tell him how much he has affected you in a positive way.

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Keep in mind that men like their love letters a little on the sexy side as opposed to women who prefer romance.

Since men will be men, it is better you stick to the preferred norm and try to add just the right amount of spice in your letters to your boyfriend.

Don’t be lewd as too much spice mars the taste.

The most important thing to remember is that you know him better than anyone else and so it is better to trust your instincts over your friend’s or some random stranger’s blog post on the net.

Having a clear idea of what you want to tell him helps a long way and how you tell him depends on how well you know him.

Keep the tone of your letter truthful and breezy.

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If your boyfriend is into literature then you may include a line or two of a certain meaningful poem or a moving passage from a novel to show just how much you know and care about his preferences.

Use song lyrics if he is music lover.

Such simple acts show that you care about him enough to put a little extra thought into your letter.

To sum it up, the only two ingredients that you truly need for the perfect love letter is your love for him and his many interests.


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